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I am one who facilitates SoulCollage®

Until quite recently, this was not even on my radar. I first heard about SoulCollage® in 2012 or so, but I had just embraced painting, and doing collage was not of great interest. Around five years ago, I took an intro workshop and it was fun enough, but it didn't grab me.

When I took an intro class earlier this year, it grabbed me and then some. Without really thinking about whether I even wanted to be a facilitator, I signed on for the facilitator training because I wanted to take a deeper dive into the concepts and practice, and the training is the best way to get advanced knowledge about the practice.

What I love about SoulCollage® is that it's not collage done as art. It also isn't about straight lines and perfect edges in a scrapbook. It's the process, not the product. It's an intuitive practice of choosing images and arranging them. And it's about intuitively listening to the voice of the card and its energy, by letting it tell you who it is.

Why did this land with me now? I feel more free now, more willing to play. I am able to hear the voices of the cards. I guess I just wasn't ready back then to embrace and meld together my intuition and creativity. The fact is that I have embraced this now -- am able to embrace this -- because of the work I've done over the past few years, because of who I have become and allowed myself to be. I can't quit smiling about that.

I have earned a variety of degrees and certificates throughout my days. I was a lifelong learner before I ever heard that phrase. Some are related to my profession. Some are for personal growth and I've never told anyone about them. I am very proud of this one and I am telling you all about it.

SoulCollage® facilitator Beth Blakesley

Beth Blakesley

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