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About Beth

My life as an academic librarian in the Pacific Northwest is not the most interesting thing...

Art + Writing = Creative Beth

From the moment I could hold a paintbrush or a crayon, I have been drawn to creative expression. My earliest memories are of weaving potholders, painting with watercolors, writing myself little notes about the characters in books I was reading. 


From crochet and knitting, to jewelry making, to ribbon embroidery, to latch hook rugs, even a fairly serious early foray into classical bassoon performance, I have dabbled in almost every art or craft under the sun in my lifetime.

Above all, it is so clear to me that I am a writer, a painter, and a fiber artist.

These three avocations that I pursued as a child, with the most freedom and joy, these three I always return to. The color and texture are what draw me in,

from acrylic paint to a boucle yarn to a wry turn of phrase.

My career as an academic librarian has given me the opportunity to do a lot of writing, editing, and publishing, but my heart is always called into other more creative realms as an author.  I am here, ready to pull all my words out of the drawers where they’ve been hiding, ready to live into my complete and calling voice.

Thank you for joining me here. 

Beth Blakesley Blueberry Blackbird Studio

a dandelion,

now and then interrupting

the butterfly's dream

– Chiyo-ni (1703 -1775)

Please enjoy this gallery of some of my favorite abstract art creations

© Copyright Elizabeth Blakesley all rights in all forms reserved. Thank you
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