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The Re-Deck

We all have looked for the reset button from time to time.  We all have paused to reflect or rethink.  We may have felt the energy shift when a planet goes retrograde.  We may have sought ways to reconcile with others or with ourselves.  When we need to reboot, rethink, reimagine, the Re-Deck can offer insights and encourage us to dig deeper within, for whatever we may want or need to re-___.

ReDeck users say

Flower Decorations Beth Blakesley Blueberry Blackbird Studio Intuitive Creativity Guide
"The Re-Deck is really beautiful. I’ve used it with clients and the results have been magic. It’s an
amazing deck."

– Kayce Stevens Hughlett, creator of the SoulStrolling Inspiration Deck

I have had so many ideas for decks and I never finished one before because I felt my original art fell short of what I wanted to share. 
Once I re-leased the angst connected with that, I was able to
re-connect with the deck muse. 

As I explored images, I realized there was no other choice than Flowers.  I had been companioned by flowers, in conversation with their unique personalities for decades, and the deck came alive! I was able to focus on finding just the right flowers to match my words and guide my questions.

When life feels chaotic, add flowers...they re-tune the soul.

~ Beth 

If there is a creative vision trapped in you, look for the alternative angles and find a way to get your creativity out into the world. 
~ Re-kindled,

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