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Arboreal Tarot

About the Arboreal Tarot

Trees are among my favorite beings on our planet.  I've never found a tree-centric tarot that grabbed me, so I made my own. 

Curating the images that match the energy of the majors was delightful, as was locating the "pip" cards for the suits, renamed here as Sycamores, Willows, Pines, and Chestnuts. 

If you would like to have this deck for your own collection, it is available from MPC. 

A peek inside the Arboreal Tarot

Here are a few examples of cards from Beth's new deck.

"The Arboreal Tarot Deck is like a breath of fresh forest air in the world of tarot. With every card, I'm reminded of the age-old wisdom of the trees. The Chestnuts, with their nurturing and heart-centered energies, are a personal favourite. Sycamores offer clear insights, Willows spark creativity, and Pines keep things grounded and real. The major arcana? Absolutely compelling, and so very powerful. And the pips, infused with seeds from their respective trees, carry a depth of meaning that adds layers of richness to every reading. This deck doesn’t just offer interpretations; it's a journey through a mystical forest where profound insights await at every turn. If you're looking for a deck that effortlessly marries nature with intuition, the Arboreal Tarot Deck has got your back."

Erin Orion -

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