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Walking into the Sunshine

I always know when a full moon is coming because my sleep gets disrupted. We plant seeds or make intentions with the new moon and we reap the benefits of our work with the full moon. The recent full moon in Virgo closes a six-month cycle that began in the early autumn with the Virgo new moon, when I was focused on writing and being creative, and mostly on trying to get out of my own way. And here I sit now with this website finally launched (after holding the domain for more than two years) and with my first oracle deck completed.

It's easy to allow yourself to be seen when you’re successful with the things that are expected of you. It’s less easy to open up about the interests that you hold close, the accomplishments that you are so proud of yet so hesitant to share out in the world.

Resolved: be like this crow, walking along with purpose, not hiding behind the curtains, not sitting still. If not now, when? Life is too short to keep waiting. Let’s go to town.
crow walking Beth Blakesley Blueberry Blackbird Studio

Beth Blakesley

Blueberry Blackbird Studio - Beth Blakesley

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