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1. The ReDeck

The Re-Deck oracle deck is my recent project to share inspiration, guidance, and care with you.

We all have looked for the reset button from time to time.  We all have paused to reflect or rethink.  We may have felt the energy shift when a planet goes retrograde.  We may have sought ways to reconcile with others or with ourselves.  When we need to reboot, rethink, reimagine, the Re-Deck can offer insights and encourage us to dig deeper within, for whatever we may want or need to re-___.

The Re-Deck can provide useful insights in a variety of readings, ranging from one card to multiple card spreads.  Drawing or choosing a card for daily guidance may prove powerful. Asking questions like “what do I need to pay attention to today?” or “what is trying to catch my attention right now?” can be enlightening. 

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