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2. Artku Love

A collaboration in classes, Birdi and Beth, art and poetry, for curiosity, depth, joy. Simply because we want to.

Focus on impermanence and wonder, play, and connection in daily life through enjoyable, rich art and writing explorations simply because you want to.

Birdi and Beth weave their passions for art, writing, poetry, nature, connection, wonder, simplicity.

Together, with you, a community of curiosity, growth, joy is enlivened. We bring this to all we do, who we are, where we go, how we live. Yes.

We have an easy to use online place where everything is clear, no distractions, in one spot, yours to access whenever you want for your classes. Same for Retreats. Easy

Peasy. That's how we roll.

Our first class offering is called 72 Seasons of Mindful Play and it launches in May 2023. There's an early sign-up bonus of an evergreen weekly planner, to consider our cycles and include nature, beauty into our lives, our relationships, our inter-being.

See you there!

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