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Summer Solstice Calls for a Spread

Summer Solstice ... for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, it is time to celebrate the beginning of summer, the return of the light, the longest day. The solstice is a time for joy and celebration.

a photo of the sunrise over Stonehenge
This year, the Solstice occurs on 21 June at 7:57 a.m. PDT, as the sun moves into the sign of Cancer.

So, we know what the sun is doing, but what about the moon? (Cancer is ruled by the moon, astrologically speaking.) At the Solstice moment, the moon will barely be into its waxing crescent phase. The waxing crescent moon is sometimes known as a good luck symbol, as well as a sign of positive intentions, new beginnings, and growth.

At the time of the Solstice, the moon will have moved into the sign of Leo (after the New Moon in Cancer on 18 June). Think Leo the Lion, connected to the Strength card in Tarot, roaring into the summer sun.

Let’s pull cards for a Summer Solstice Spread.

First, find and pull out the Strength card and the Sun card from your tarot deck. You may want to use a deck that features Strength and Sun cards that you particularly adore.

NOTE: If you prefer to use oracle cards or your SoulCollage® deck, look for cards that carry the energy of bliss and joy (to stand in the Sun position) and of strength and courage (for the Strength position).

Take a moment and make notes for yourself about what it is that you are looking forward to as this season begins.

What am I hoping to accomplish? What needs to be finished or let go?
What needs to be brought into focus? How can I make the most of every moment?
Is there a new project that I can't quit thinking about launching? Or am I craving more peace and quiet for contemplation?

Use your notes and ideas to formulate a customized question or topic that you want to explore in your Summer Solstice Spread. For example: How can I successfully prioritize my creative practice this season? Once your question or topic is ready, here is the layout, and below are the prompts for each card. Pull cards and journal in whatever way you prefer.

a layout for a tarot card spread

Card 1: How can Sun energy help me achieve this goal or desire I have identified?

Card 2: What do I need to be strong(er) about as I contemplate this goal?

Shuffle the deck and pull the remaining cards.

Card 3: Where will I experience the most growth this season?

Card 4: What is lingering and needs to be released in order to achieve my goal?

Card 5: Where can I shine my light? Where is my light most needed?

Card 6: What have I forgotten about that brings me joy?

Card 7: Where can I find support for any challenges that arise?

Card 8: What is my next best step to begin the journey?

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